Think. Design. Refine.

It all begins with understanding people’s behaviour. We identify their desires, motivations and needs. Based on this, we develop insights which serve to design successful solutions which generate a positive impact on organisations.


We help our clients align their organisation with the market.

Internal communication
We implant actions oriented towards the transmission of corporate values, increasing employees’ sense of belonging and capturing the best talent.

We design and produce training materials which develop staff members’ capabilities in order to achieve excellent results.

We construct corporate narratives by using authentic, memorable stories which connect with people’s emotions.


We help our clients to design products which win the hearts of their consumers.
Consumer studies
Using our own Profooders consumer base, we gather and analyse information, interpret the results and propose marketing solutions to guarantee success for our clients’ products.

Products and services design
We develop and redefine products and services to suit the needs of our clients’ consumers.



We help our clients to design strategies which generate impact.
Marketing and sales plan
We identify the target market, set goals and develop marketing strategies to support sales and improve the positioning of the product in the market.

Trade marketing
We initiate strategies which help to position and increase the visibility of our clients’ products with regard to those of the competition, aiming to increase sales and improve the consumer’s purchasing experience.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Peter Drucker